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We handle domestic and foreign/international. We have field experience and collection experience in a number of different industries. Once placed, contact with the debtor is immediately initiated. There is never any cost to you for us to work any placement you make, we are only paid a commission on what we collect. If it isn’t collected, we don’t get paid.


The time consuming and labor intensive process of credit applications can be overwhelming and we are here to help. We will handle them for you by obtaining the credit references, banking information, or other information and reporting back to you, allowing you to make an informed credit granting decision without feeling pressured by the time constraints of getting this information alone. We can also assist you in redesign, or even building from scratch, new and improved credit applications. We handle outsourced duties from many clients in various areas from making the soft phone calls on invoices that are past due to resolving disputed items. Basically, any function of the credit department can be outsourced to Three Star Adjustment at a significant saving to you our valued client.

Credit Research and Skip Tracing

Whether you are just looking for a debtor who has vanished, or need some information on assets or what a current customers is involved in, we can help.

Secured Selling

We can handle processing your UCC-1’s or other secured instruments


If a debtor has to be sued, we have a network of attorney’s nationally and internationally to handle all your claims to your satisfaction. This allows us to get you the results you require. Whether it is unsecured debt or one that involves security or a personal guarantee, we have you covered.